sms iconIn addition to our hosted email services, Creative technologies can provide you with email to text message (SMS) functionality; deployable in any manner of different configurations.

SMS messages are becoming a valuable business tool across many different industries; whether a doctor's surgery sending appointment reminders to patients; a garage sending MOT / service reminders to customers; a service provider sending alerting messages to employees; or any other business needing to communicate quickly and easily, we have a SMS service to suit your needs.

Our SMS services include:

  • Bulk sending of messages
  • Customisable "Sender ID" on outgoing SMS messages
  • Email to SMS (email messages are forwarded by SMS)
  • SMS from email (send an SMS message as though it were an email)
  • Automated SMS alerts
  • Short number / 2 way SMS services
  • SMS integration into other packages (CRM / Accounting etc.)

For more information and to discuss your exact requirements, please contact us